Home Decor

Your personal touch in glass

The My Eco Glass decorative line was created for those who want to give free rein to their creativity. There are vases, amphoras, bottles and a wide variety of objects made with recycled glass and surprising design to make any home even more welcoming.

  1. 8.5" Triple Drop Bottle Wall Sconce
    3 drop glass bottles #6514 w/ wall sconce

    Starting at $30.95

  2. 14.5" Verona Hanging Container - Clear
    15" hanging verona
  3. 66 oz Ball Glass Container
    6 3/4" ball recycled glass vase

    Starting at $19.95

  4. 5.1oz teardrop recycled glass bottle
    5.1oz teardrop recycled glass vase

    Starting at $11.95

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