Recycled Glass & Metal Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder

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  • 3.4 oz Volume - Moderately sized dish promotes daily maintenance and consistent diet variation
  • Open Top Hook - Easy to use hook to hang one feeder individually or link multiple feeders at once vertically
  • Readily Detachable Lid and Bowl - Allows for simple food replacement and cleaning methods
  • Environmentally Conscious Design - Ensuring the bird’s safety and the feeder’s durability
  • Versatile Design - Offers the ability to feed a variety of songbirds mealworms, fruit, jelly, suet, and more seasonally as hummingbirds migrate
  • Gift Boxed Design- Provides safe and decorative packaging for gift giving
  • Care Instructions - Hand Wash Only

The Mosaic Birds Hummble Slim Hummingbird Feeder will turn any outdoor garden or patio into an elegant and vibrant hummingbird haven. Simply find the perfect location in your outdoor garden, install one or multiple feeders, lift the lid to insert your nectar and watch as hummingbirds flock to this sphere feeder. Give your garden an eco-friendly feeder your favorite birds will keep coming back for, with a recycled glass and powder coated metal composition for safety and durability. 

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Material Type N/A
Recycled Content N/A
Capacity OZ 0.0oz
Capacity ML 0ml
Shape N/A
Opening 0"
Cap Size N/A
Cap Style N/A
Width 6"
Depth 4"
Height 7 1/4"
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